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About RTI

RTI was established in 2002 with a strategic goal to offer our worldwide customers strong product innovation, new technology,and the highest manufacturing standards.

Our factory specializes in a wide variety of fishing tools, electric fillet knives and Electro Luminescence Technology. Our employees have been with the highest quality control standards, allowing our factory to achieve ISO9001 Certification.



• Engineering design
• Package design
• manufacturing and /or outsourcing
• Packaging Logistics
• Quality control/inspection service
• Consolidation
• logistics management



• Manufacture High Quality Products
• Offer Fair and Reasonable Pricing
• Reduce Lead Time on Product Development
• Strong Product Innovation
• Emphasis on Customer Service with Quick Communication Response Time
• Weekly Project Updating and Shipment Reporting
• Short Production Lead Times



● Fair and Reasonable     
● Same-day reply  
● Happy and Responsibility