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RTI was established in 2002 in Guangzhou, new factory in Weihai was established in 2010. Our factory specializes in a wide variety of fishing accessories, electric fillet knives scalesfish grips, gaff, landing net, etc.  


RTI Business Guide:

● Fairness and Orinary heart

● 24-hour reply.

● Happiness and Responsibility


RTI Business Objectives

● High Quality Products

● Fair and Reasonable Pricing

● In time delivery.

● New products for every season.


We offer Services as below:

● Engineering Design

● Package Design

● Manufacturing and/or Outsourcing

● Packaging Logistics

● Quality Control / Inspection Services

● Consolidation

● Logistics Management


Line Counter

Air Pump (Aerator)


Tackle Box

Digital Scale


Fish Grip

Fillet Knife


Electric Knife

Mechanical Scales


Hook Remover


Landing Net

Rod Rack


Line Scissors


Fillet Board


Tool Combo

Needle & Drill